Marco Rayes

Marco Rayes

Drums and Vocals

Marco playing    
Hey kids...

Marco was dropped on his head when he was a baby and this is the result...


Marco's current gear:
Marco's bastard kit is...
Pearl Master Custom 14" maple snare
22" Tama Royalstar bass drum
Ludwig 12" maple tom
Pearl 14" birch floor tom
2 Zildjian 18" crashes
Zildjian 22" ride
Sabian 14" sizzle hats
Crown 311A headset mic

Q & A "Favorites and Other Info" with Marco:

musical hero: Ringo, of course
beer: free
dance move?: anything that involves bodies touching
dance move that you can actually pull off: strip tease
preferred duds: pyjamas
action hero you should be: Batman
stand-up comic you should be: Carrot-Top
anna kournikova or britney spears?: both (with Janie Rocks holding the camera)
what do you want to be when you grow up: psychiatrist
boxers or tighty-whiteys?: none
tv show: Law & Order
movie: All of my brother Geoff's movies
writer: I can't read
newspaper: Hey! I said I can't read... leave me alone!
hockey goon: Michael Lister
the coolest sounding currency: The "doll hair"
word: jiggy-what and hoochamagoo
cell phone - evil or can't live without: call me on my cell and I'll tell you
vacation spot: any topless beach
city you should be living in: Ottawa in the summer and anywhere else in the winter
guitarist: George Lynch, Terry Moxness
bassist: Sting
drummer: Ringo, Stewart Copeland, and Neil Peart
favourite band that we've opened for: Big Jeezus Truck
favourite band that opened for us: Big Jeezus Truck
pill of choice: Flinstones Vitamin C
eye-colour: Brown (As in: you're so full of shit, your eyes are...)
does bigfoot exist: you know what they say... big feet..
I wish I were as smart as: Dilton Doiley
I wish I looked like: Reggie Mantle
I wish I could sing like: Archie Andrews
I wish I could play guitar like: Jughead Jones
If I could invite three people to a dinner party it would be: Samantha Fox, Anna-Nicole Smith, Janie Rocks
favourite tennis player: Michael Lister

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